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InteractiveMathTutor.com, since its inception in 1999, has been providing tutoring for students in all levels of K-12 mathematics ranging from elementary math to calculus, economics, statistics, and preparation for statewide examinations, standardized exams, and AP examinations.

Our experienced staff of instructors has always placed strong emphasis on the caring, encouraging, and confidence building aspects of tutoring K-12 students which we feel are important elements for the overall effectiveness of tutoring. Students ranging in ages from 8 to 18 are under tremendous pressure to perform well in school and receive good grades. When students begin to struggle in academics and especially mathematics, the frustration grows at an accelerated rate. Our staff of instructors not only provide top level tutoring for students, but we also help students feel confident about the themselves along the way, instilling a belief in them that they will conquer the challenges in front of them. We work together, reviewing subject material, problems, and related concepts in their classwork and homework, breaking down material until our students are fully grasping the topics being studied.

Our personalized approach of combining effective tutoring with the human element of caring is no accident. Since we began helping students back in the summer of 1999, we have always subscribed to the notion that instructors can be very influential and impactful in how students feel about themselves. By providing a learning environment combining effective tutoring with motivational and confidence building techniques, we believe that students thrive from this. If we create certain levels of expectations for our students, they will generally perform up to the level of expectations set for them. We communicate to our students that we believe in them and their ability to do well in their academics.

Our tutoring services provide a safe, timely, convenient, and personalized means for students to receive highly effective help. Our responsibility is to help students find success in their academics and we take this role very seriously. Our focus is to help students succeed.