Is an American based tutoring company? was formed in 1999, is based in the United States, and employ instructors strictly from the United States.

What are the credentials of the instructors?

The staff of instructors at are comprised of adjunct and college professors, certified teachers, and experienced instructors who have achieved high levels of education in the area(s) which they provide instruction in. All instructors must pass a stringent interview/evaluation process to be hired as an instructor of, including proving to have a strong knowledge base of the subject(s) they provide instruction in and the ability to break down concepts and explain them in a simple manner which can be easily understood by students.

Is One-on-One on-line tutoring as effective as In-person tutoring?

One-on-One on-line tutoring is just as effective as In-person tutoring but with the major added benefits of convenience, flexibility of session times, lower cost, and a safe, relaxed environment for the student. Our experience has shown that many of the students who have formerly used In-person tutoring find online tutoring to be at least equally as effective and enjoy the added benefits that come with this form of tutoring.

Do you provide programs for standardized exams? provides One-on-One and Group Programs for many standardized exams including the GED, ACT, SAT, AP, GRE, GMAT, and CLEP exams.

Does cater to international students? works with students throughout the United States and globally.

What type of computer equipment do I need for the One-on-One tutoring and Homework Helper tutoring?

The only equipment necessary for One-on-One tutoring and the Homework Helper services are a computer, Internet access, and phone access or skype.

Does your company tutor subjects other than math? provides help in all levels of mathematics, and business coursework material including accounting, finance, economics, statistics, and actuarial science. Science tutoring including biology, chemistry, and physics is also provided on a limited basis.

Is there a way for the tutor to have the books/materials that the student is working from? makes it a priority that the math tutors are optimally equipped to effectively help each student. Students are encouraged to fax, scan or email materials to their tutor that they feel are necessary to makes the sessions most effective for them., if necessary and possible will gain access to the textbook that the student is working from.

What is the difference between One-on-one tutoring and the Homework Helper?

The main difference between One-on-One tutoring and the Homework Helper is that One-on-One tutoring provide scheduled hourly sessions in which the student works with their personal assigned tutor each session, while the Homework Helper is intended to provide unscheduled mini-sessions, in which an available tutor works with the student needing help.

What is the turn-around time to receive problems solved with the Email Helper?

The turn-around time to receive the solutions to the problems is impacted by the complexity and length of problem set sent. In almost all cases though, solutions should be sent back within 24 hours of the time we receive the problems from the student and normally quicker. We ask students when they need the work back and and will only take on the project if we can meet their time constraints.

Are you experienced in working with students with learning disabilities? has worked with numerous students having learning disabilities including such as ADD. The results have been very encouraging in helping students attain high levels of achievement in their classes.

Is there an alternative method of payment other than by credit card on-line? accepts payment by paypal or by check.