The on-line tutoring allows me to balance my work schedule

I am very happy with My tutor helps me focus on specific problems I have and recharges me for the challenges ahead. Math doesn't come easily for me, but the tutor is patient and understanding and has the ability to make difficult concepts understandable. He obviously has an excellent grasp of the subject and seems to really enjoy teaching it. I am enjoying learning from him. The on-line tutoring allows me to balance my work schedule with receiving tutoring help.

Bruce Schmidt, Washington

My math teacher is so happy about my learning in math

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you all have done for me. My math teacher is so happy about my learning in math. She thanks you too. So thanks from a lot of people, including my mom, from Florida. I am now passing with really good grades. It's because of the caring way you all have made me do what I needed and didn't know it till you found my problems with math. I now have a good grip on this stuff that I never thought I would. If only others knew about you, cuz they would be fine now too. Thanks a bunch for it all.

Jenna, Florida

Helped me tremendously in math has helped me tremendously in math. I was taking honors math in pre-calculus and was struggling terribly. My tutor worked with me at times, which were always convenient for me, and was very motivational. After working with my tutor, my math grade went up significantly. I got accepted to the college of my choice with a scholarship. If not for my math improvement, I may have needed to settle for my second choice of universities.

Jennifer, age 17, New Jersey

From a failing student to a passing one

I'm a 48-year-old college senior, who had a great fear of Mathematics until I received tutoring via the Internet from IMT. It has allowed me to get the help I need at my convenience as well as in the comfort of my own home day or night. I have a very busy schedule and often find myself having to rush around to meet specific deadlines. is very personalized, and with it, I am receiving one-on-one attention and privacy. Having the same tutor allows my tutor to learn my strengths and weaknesses so that time won't be wasted on what I do know verses what I need to work harder on.

Jackie, age 48, Maryland

Helped me understand complex mathematics with ease

I really ENJOY because it helped me understand complex mathematics with ease. The tutor is great and helps me at any time, even without a lesson planned you can call the teacher at anytime and he will explain the work. is a great way to learn integrated math, trigonometry and any kind of mathematics.
It is great!!

Charles, New York