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Homework Helper

The Homework Helper service provides mini One-on-One online tutoring sessions for students. During these mini One-on-One tutoring sessions, the student is invited by the instructor into a private online classroom in which the instructor helps the student with their coursework material, working together visually on a shared online classroom blackboard while discussing the subject material by telephone.

Rather than providing the standard hourly sessions as with the One-on-One tutoring service, the Homework Helper provides shortened sessions to help students with their chosen specific problems requiring immediate attention.

Advantages of Homework Helper Service

  • Available mornings, afternoons, and evenings 7 days aweek maximizing flexibility and timeliness for students
  • Eliminates the need to travel to learning center, maximizing convenience for students
  • Easily accessible to students from any location as long as they have access to a computer and internet
  • Highly experienced and quality instructors available to work with students of all levels of academic coursework
  • Sessions can be scheduled or unscheduled providing maximum flexibility for students
  • Length of each session customized to the needs of the individual student
  • Provides tutoring in all levels of mathematics, business coursework, and actuarial science