Calculus Help

We provide calculus help for students in all levels of calculus ranging from introductory levels of pre-calculus and calculus 1 to more advanced levels of multivariate calculus and differential calculus.

Whether we are helping students learn the basics of derivatives for calculus 1 or tangent planes for vector calculus, our instructors provide a learning environment which promotes personalization of teaching during tutoring sessions to meet the unique learning needs of each individual student. During the tutoring sessions, we help explain important calculus concepts, theorems, equations, and fundamental principles that can be found in the student’s class work, and homework problems, and create additional practice problems to ensure that the students are fully grasping the calculus topics being reviewed.

The subject of calculus can be divided into the study of derivative applications in calculus 1, the study of integration applications in calculus 2, and three dimensional applications in calculus 3 and other such related advanced calculus subjects, many which have engineering applications. Although the scope of calculus includes many diverse and independent topics, it is important to learn calculus in the order of calculus 1, calculus 2, and calculus 3 since each subject acts as a prerequisite to the next level of calculus. In addition to engineering applications, calculus also has many economic applications which can be found in the study of supply-demand economics and economic elasticity, among other economic topics.

Our mission is to help students master their calculus coursework. Our calculus tutoring program offers multiple tutoring services to meet the specific needs of each individual student. For students taking traditional in-person calculus classes, or for those taking online calculus courses, our tutoring services provide a very accessible timely resource to assist students in succeeding in their calculus classes.