Geometry Help

We provide geometry help in all levels of geometry including the traditional subjects of analytic, plane, and coordinate geometry andadvanced levels including spherical and differential geometry which have engineering applications.

Whether the student is learning proofs of congruent triangles in analytic geometry or osculating curves in differential geometry, our highly credentialed staff of instructors provides personalized help to meet the learning needs of each individual student. During online tutoring sessions, our instructors review important formulas, axioms, postulates, and theorems with students to confirm that the students are grasping the subject material and building a strong foundation of the necessary geometric concepts.

Succeeding in courses of high school geometry, and euclidean, plane, coordinate, and analytic geometry requires the student possessing a solid understanding of algebra. Excluding geometric proofs of similarity and congruence of triangles and other polygons, most topics in K-12 level geometry requires using algebraic skills to solve geometric problems. Topics such as finding the measure of angles formed by a transversal crossing parallel lines, and finding the surface area of pyramids, prisms and other polygons are geometric topics requiring a strong knowledge of algebra. During online tutoring sessions, our instructors review classroom and homework problems in a step by step process with students, identifying gaps when they exist. Our instructors spend a sufficient amount of time closing these gaps so that the student can progress in their geometry studies.

Our sole goal is to help students master their geometry course. For students taking in-person classes or for those taking online geometry courses, our tutoring program provides multiple online, email, and phone based services to meet the distinct needs of each individual student. We also provide free geometry worksheets to reinforce topics and concepts that the student is learning.