Trigonometry Help

We provide trigonometry help in all levels of trigonometry including the traditional subjects of high school trigonometry, and college trigonometry, and advanced subjects including spherical trigonometry.

Whether we are helping students learn the Law of Sines and Cosines in high school trigonometry or Girard’s Theorem in spherical trigonometry, our staff of math instructors personalize the sessions, explaining important trigonometric concepts in customized ways that each individual student can easily understand. During online tutoring sessions, our instructors reinforce trigonometry formulas, functions, identities, and relationships incorporated in the subject material being reviewed to ensure that the students are properly learning trigonometry and fully grasping the overall subject material.

It is important to note that algebra and geometry are prerequisites to effectively learning High School Trigonometry and College Trigonometry. Although topics including converting radian measure to degree measure and the study of polar coordinates come under the heading of trigonometry, the overall subject of trigonometry includes complex numbers, triangles, the Pythagorean Theorem, and many other mathematical topics that are subsets of algebra and geometry. During tutoring sessions for high school and college level trigonometry, our instructors place a great emphasis on identifying gaps that may exist for students in the prerequisite subjects of algebra and geometry. In reviewing trigonometry problems together, going through the step by step process of finding the solutions, math gaps become very clear. Our math instructors spend a sufficient amount of time correcting these gaps so that they do not impede the student’s learning curve of understanding trigonometry.

Our sole mission is to help students master their trigonometry course. Whether the student is taking an in-person class or enrolled in an online trigonometry course, our comprehensive tutoring program offers multiple services to assist students in achieving success in their course. We also provide free trigonometry worksheets to provide quality practice problems and solutions and reinforce important trigonometric rules and relationships.