We replace fear and anxiety with achievement and success.

Learning new material in school can often be overwhelming and frustrating for many students regardless of their age and level of education. The fear and anxiety associated with exam taking, completion of projects, and everyday classroom learning can be very difficult for any student.

InteractiveMathTutor.com offers a learning environment which fosters patience, caring, and confidence building for each student. We are available for them every step of the way. Our number one priority is helping our students achieve a high level of academic success in school.


Helped me tremendously in math

InteractiveMathTutor.com has helped me tremendously in math. I was taking honors math in pre-calculus and was struggling terribly. My tutor worked with me at times, which were always convenient for me, and was very motivational. After working with my tutor, my math grade went up significantly. I got accepted to the college of my choice with a scholarship. If not for my math improvement, I may have needed to settle for my second choice of universities.

Jennifer, age 17, New Jersey
  • A History of Proven Results:

    IMT provides a superior tutoring platform, resulting in a proven track record ofstudent success and achievement since 1999.
  • Comprehensive & Customized Approach:

    IMT provides a comprehensive array of tutoring services that meets the unique learning needs of our diverse group of students.
  • Instructor-Student Matching Program:

    IMT places great value in matching appropriate instructor with each student and maintaining that successful pairing each session.
  • 7 Days a Week On Demand Availability:

    IMT is available when our students require tutoring services, 7 days aweek, 365 days a year of immediate on demand help.
  • Top U.S Based Instructors:

    IMT's dedicated teaching staff is comprised of top U.S.based instructors committed to helping our students succeed.