Actuarial Tutoring

We provide One-on-One and Group live actuarial exam review for students preparing for the P/1, FM/2, MFE/3F, MLC, and C/4 exams. Our staff of highly credentialed actuarial instructors helps students prepare for the exams by both teaching them how to effectively approach and solve actuarial exam problems while also providing a comprehensive review of the exam syllabus material. Our instructors, located throughout the U.S., are very carefully selected. We only hire those individuals who are very experienced and knowledgeable in the actuarial exam syllabus material and who also are extremely proficient in explaining the necessary strategies and techniques for exam problem solving.

Although has been providing actuarial exam review since 2003, we created in the summer of 2012 to act as a stand alone business. AET is dedicated solely to the actuarial field and student exam preparation. For those actuarial students who contact us by way of, we ask them to also visit to receive comprehensive information on our actuarial tutoring programs. AET has allowed us to more strongly focus on the needs of actuarial students and how to provide the most effective exam review program to help students pass their exams.

The One-on-One review program offers students the opportunity to be matched with their own personal instructor, developing a strong working relationship throughout the duration of the tutoring sessions. The student and instructor review actuarial review material in a private online classroom, working together on a shared blackboard while communicating with each other by telephone. The student and instructor both provide their input to the goals of each session with the student deciding how frequently to schedule sessions. Our focus is to put students in the best possible position to pass their exams.

The Group review program offers students the opportunity to be part of a small online class in which the instructor leads the students through the exam review for the duration of the program. During program sessions, the instructor and group of students work together on an online classroom blackboard while all classroom participants are in a class conference call. Students are encouraged to participate during classes by asking the instructor questions which may come up during the exam reviews. We are committed to providing intensive exam review programs which will maximize student’s chances to pass their exams.

We have years of experience in helping students pass their actuarial exams. We provide an excellent actuarial review program for students and are dedicated to making the road to achieving an ASA designation more manageable.