About Us

InteractiveMathTutor.com was created in 1999 with the vision of providing high quality online tutoring services for students of all ages and academic levels throughout the United States. Since our inception, our tutoring services have reached far beyond the United States to students in South America, Asia, and Europe. Initially, our concentration was solely mathematics but our range of services quickly included providing help in finance, accounting, statistics, economics, and actuarial science.

We place great emphasis in being a leader in the online education industry, developing new tutoring services to meet the ever increasing needs of students. And we are always seeking new markets to enter with our tutoring services. We developed ActuaryExamTutor.com in the summer of 2012 which is the actuarial division of the parent company, devoted exclusively to providing tutoring services for professionals preparing for actuarial examinations. We are currently developing new tutoring services for students preparing for standardized exams ranging from the SAT’s to the GMAT’s.

InteractiveMathTutor.com began as a little start-up company seeking through hard work and effort to build a reputation that the public could trust. .We have grown a great deal since 1999 with much of our history yet to be written.