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Adult Continuing Education, since its inception in 1999, has been providing tutoring services for adults continuing their education in all levels of mathematics ranging from elementary math to calculus, and business coursework including all levels of accounting, finance, statistics and economics.

In the ultra competitive corporate world we live in today, continuing ones education is vital to career growth and job security. Finding time to balance school with family and work responsibilities has never been more important. And with so many adult students enrolled in online degree programs today, not having teachers available in a traditional classroom setting can sometimes make the process of learning the subject material more challenging. With our multiple tutoring services of online, phone and email based teaching support, students receive effective, timely and convenient tutoring from the comfort of their own home when they require it.

Another challenge common to many adults who decide to go back to school to continue their education is that a great deal of time has elapsed since they were students. Subject material which they studied many years ago and which are prerequisites to classes they are currently enrolled in has long since been forgotten. This can lead to many hours of extra studying and a great deal of frustration. Our tutoring services are set up not only to help students with topics they are currently studying, but additionally to help students with gaps that might exist between the subject material they are learning now and perquisite material they are responsible to know.

Our tutoring services provide adults with the necessary learning resources to make the process of going back to school much more manageable. You are sacrificing a lot to go back to school. We will help you succeed.