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College, since its inception in 1999, provides tutoring services for college students in all levels of mathematics ranging from algebra to calculus 3, and business coursework including all levels of statistics, accounting, finance, and economics.

For many college students, the balancing of academics and maintaining solid GPA’s while experiencing college life can be difficult. Although many colleges and universities throughout the United States provide departmental tutoring hours to provide academic support for those students who require additional help with their math and business studies, often these tutoring hours do not fit well with students’ schedules. In addition, most departmental tutoring offices are set up to help students with only a few specific problems, and not comprehensive tutoring. We provide multiple tutoring services to meet the demanding schedules and needs of college students. Whether students live on campus, or off campus, our easily accessible, comprehensive tutoring services provide the timeliness and convenience that college students require.

Many college level courses offered specify required prerequisites. And although students may have taken the necessary prerequisites in the past, the knowledge of this material often has been forgotten over time. Our staff of instructors not only focuses on the current course material being studied by students but also review prerequisite topics which might be causing students difficulty. Our instructors identify and eliminate any gaps caused by prerequisite material so that students can more quickly progress in current class topics being studied.

Our tutoring services provide college students with the means to receive help when help is needed. Student location does not matter. Student schedule does not matter. We are here to help you succeed in your academics.