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InteractiveMathTutor.com, since its inception in 1999, provides tutoring services for students being homeschooled in all levels of mathematics ranging from elementary math to calculus, economics, statistics, and preparation for all standardized examinations.

Homeschooling has proven to be a very successful method to educate K-12 students. More and more parents are choosing this option of schooling for their children. And although there are wonderful homeschool programs available to provide structured curriculums for students, there are times when no individuals are present to help explain important subject material and related concepts which are causing students difficulty. Our online, email, and phone based tutoring services provide an effective, easily accessible resource for homeschooled students to receive additional teaching assistance when help is required.

Although parents of homeschooled students have the best intentions in mind in providing teaching support for their children, there are times when they are simply not able to help them with their schoolwork. As subject material becomes more complex, students begin to hit stumbling blocks that require help outside of family academic support channels. The tutoring services of InteractiveMathTutor.com provide help for students in the most advanced levels of mathematics, statistics, and economics. Our staff of instructors provides comprehensive help for topics which students are having difficulty understanding.

Our multiple tutoring services provide students being homeschooled with an academic support line to receive tutoring help when help is necessary. Our experienced staff of instructors places an emphasis on encouragement and instilling confidence in students while providing highly effective, personalized, and timely tutoring assistance. Our focus is to help students succeed in their academic studies.